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Love it!

I needed something as simple as this from month to month. Great tool !!!



Not too bad if its what you are looking for

I was specifically looking for something to just enter all my monthly expenses and play with some numbers. This app is just for that. It doesnt do anything fancy. You add you income, add your expenses and you get a balance. Perfect for just that. It is however slightly buggy. When selecting expense or income, it defaults to expense but pressing "done" doesnt always select "expense". I have to select income then back to expense. There should also be a way to arrange the expenses manually in the window. Also, with multiple items that go beyond the size of the screen, the last item cant be seen. Even when scrolling all the way down. It makes it hard to select it to make changes. Finally, when editing the name of an expense, it doesnt take advantage of Apples auto caps for the first letter of the first word. It shouldnt delete the entire word if all i want to do is add to it or correct a mis spelled word. I should be able to manually delete the word.

Does its job well

I wanted a way to quickly see how much extra spending money I have each month. I tried this, and I think itll do just what I need.


I think this is a great app. But it doesnt start over each month. It just keeps running and there is no way to see how much you spent from month to month review.

No longer works with iOS 8

The app was simple and great before. It now doesnt work with iOS 8. Dont buy until they update. Currently a dead program.

Loved it! Doesnt work now....

This was my favorite budget app. Cant find another one I love as much. But it doesnt work with new Apple updates. My heart is broken. Please fix this app. I need it in my life.....

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